1. You become part of a global community

With more than 10 million downloads and 350 contributors, WooCommerce doesn’t only get you an eCommerce store, but it makes you a part of a thriving global community where you can get to real people, real feedback and real assistance in time of need.

2. Top-notch responsiveness

This, coupled with the fact that retail commerce revenue via smartphones is expected to surpass $109.44 billion by 2019, according to a report shared by statista, leaves little to speculate on how significant it is for ecommerce stores to be mobile friendly.

3. Plugin marketplace

This is what makes it even more interesting and empowering for you, the plugins; not just a dozen or two but 43,458 WordPress plugins at your disposal with WooCommerce as your desired eCommerce platform. There are free as well as paid, so you might choose what suits you the best.

4. Scalability

No one likes to get into a business that wouldn’t grow, right? So, when your business grows, the need of your e-store growing with it is quite inevitable. The scalability you get with WooCommerce is simply amazing. Whether it’s the first product you are selling or the millionth, WooCommerce offers you everything in scalability to match your growing business needs.

5. Best complements wordpress

This might leave you asking how this is beneficial for you. The answer is quite simple; according to calculations done by Vova Feldman on freemius; web hosts around 24 million active WordPress sites right now. For me, this, in addition to the fact that WordPress backs 30% of all eCommerce websites present on the web currently, makes a reason compelling enough to go for it without much of apprehensions.

6. It’s free and it’s open source

Not only can you download WooCommerce for free, but it is also 100% open source. In fact, this is what keeps it alive and thriving, where you can benefit from input of the whole community.

7. You are the boss!

With WooCommerce, no one is the boss, but you. You don’t have to share your data with third party software platforms here, which leaves you in total control of your business. This will also be a relief for your customers, as they won’t be wary of sharing their personal information with anyone else but you.

8. Crisp clean interface

There’s another facet to selling things successfully, you must be able to showcase them well, because a successful sale commences way before a visitor hits the “Proceed to Checkout” button. WooCommerce helps you superbly in enhancing the look and feel of your products along with efficient navigation through the site, bringing your eCommerce experience up to par with latest trends.

9. Convenient migration

30% does not equal 100%, for sure, and that’s why WooCommerce avidly assists people wishing to switch by offering convenient migration options. You can get more on this here. This is also what compels so many people to try it out.

10. It helps you sell almost anything, anywhere

When they say it helps you sell anything, anywhere; they are quite right. From mere subscriptions to digital downloads, content to real products, you can put everything on sale with a WooCommerce store, whether you want to be area specific or plan to go global.

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