1. Marketing and SEO integration

Gone are the days when merely having an eStore meant people flocking towards you. Nowadays, you need to market well to make a living. This is where WooCommerce offers you the built-in SEO features of WordPress to market your products/services in the best possible manner.

2. Analytics and reporting

If you don’t know what’s going on, how could you make it any better? Though Google Analytics is always there to help you out on whereabouts of your visitors and customers, WooCommerce also offers you some basic reporting and analysis features to help you gauge how well you are doing.

3. Customer support

Talking of support, WooCommerce offers dedicated support services aimed at making the experience of their millions of customers better and better.

4. Content integration

People respond better to brands that carry a story with them, one their audiences like. And nowadays, no one will listen to your story if you don’t write and publish it well. With WordPress as its base, WooCommerce offers your e-store a seamless integration with the world’s most preferred blogging platform where more than 409 million people view about 22.6 billion pages monthly.

5. Documentation

Don’t feel like relying on others for setting up your eCommerce store? WooCommerce has got this covered as well. Their extensive documentation thoroughly covers areas like Setup, Extensions, Theming, Snippets, Third-Party Plugins, WooCommerce Cookies, etc. You can dig through the info to help yourself.

6. It’s stable

Stability is the key for success of any business. WooCommerce is one of the most stable e-commerce platforms in the world. Compared to other e-commerce platforms, it has a very low number of bugs.

7. Easy payment modes

After you seal a deal in your transactions, you receive money in exchange for goods and services. This requires payment gateway in ec-ommerce. WooCommerce has built in payment gateways. You can receive money through either PayPal or Simplifying Commerce in WooCommerce. However, a fee will be charged for the transaction.

8. Marketing

Marketing is a key aspect of any business as it helps to increase the sales and the growth of novel businesses. Hence, no compromises can be made in marketing field in order to have a successful business.

9. It’s flexible

WooCommerce is free but it does not mean it is rigid. In fact, it is one of the most flexible platforms for online businesses. A novice in the arena of e-commerce can greatly benefit from this platform despite having lack of technical knowledge in the field. It allows you lot of flexibility with products.

10. WooCommerce provides world-class content management

As you might expect from an ecommerce application based on the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), WooCommerce is no slouch where content is concerned. That’s good news, because ecommerce content marketing is key to a high-performing online store.

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