Just in case you were wondering what high-traffic websites use our favorite CMS, here is a list of famous websites built by the incredible WordPress

1. Wired

Wired is a long running monthly magazine and website that focuses on how technology impacts politics, culture, and the economy. The website features long form articles, product reviews, roundups, and more.

2. Etsy journal

The Esty Journal is a blog for the Etsy marketplace. It features unique products, gift ideas, shopping guides, and inspiration for creatives.

3. The harvard gazette

The Harvard Gazette is the official news website for Harvard University. It uses a very minimalist design and covers the latest news, events, and updates.

4. thisisFINLAND

The thisisFINLAND website is the ultimate resource about what’s happening in Finland. It covers topics related to arts, culture, business, society, and more.

5. Variety

Variety is a long running entertainment news website that has film reviews, box office numbers, award updates, and more.

6. Tonal

Tonal is a popular at-home gym and personal trainer used by athletes like Lebron James. The website is powered by WordPress and uses WooCommerce to sell the fitness system.

7. Vogue

Vogue is a popular monthly fashion and lifestyle magazine that covers news, beauty, celebrity style, and more.

8. Spotify newsroom

Spotify Newsroom is the press website for the Spotify music streaming app. Readers can find news, updates, music releases, and a unique email newsletter sign up form.

9. Time magazine

Time Magazine is one of the longest running American news websites and magazines. The site covers topics like politics, health, tech, entertainment, science, and much more.

10. The new york times company

The New York Times Company is the corporate website behind The New York Times. It’s one of the top newspapers in the world, with over 150 million global monthly readers.

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